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DapperTime Story

DapperTime®, Creating Gentlemen

Once upon a timepiece, one man dreamt of a gleaming gold watch. Maybe he’d seen a movie star wearing one on the silver screen, whatever it was, he couldn’t get the idea out of his head. Picturing it glinting out from under a crisp white cuff…

In the past that man would have to wait until retirement for his reward, his golden handshake. Not today, thanks to a global movement creating gentlemen all over the world.

In the end, time is only a man-made concept, but the way a man marks it marks the man. At DapperTime we are passionate about providing men with freedom and choice; the freedom to express their style without limits through a watch of their choice, one which projects an image of luxury without the luxury price tag.

Not only are we bringing you the finest watches, we are also offering stylish accessories to help you be more dapper.

They’ll ask you “Where did you get it? How much did you pay?” You can tell them whatever you like, you handsome devil…