The twin embodiment of time—fashion and function…

The Gemini is a true gem of a watch that lives up to its name. It has stellar twin essentials that you will always desire—uncanny fashion and remarkable functions. Yes, functions, as it has also a twin dial indicating time in two zones. Thus, it’s actually a quadruple whammy which earns you great value for your money. You will never go out of style with two twins that pile!

Note: Currently the "D" logo version is out of stock.

• Movement - Multi-Movement Quartz
• Band Material - Silicone
• Case Size - 43mm
• Band Width - 26mm
Care & Maintenance
• All watches are suitable for minor exposure to water but are not intended for swimming or showering.
• To prolong the life of your watch, be sure to wipe it over with a clean, dry cloth after every use.

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